First day on campus

Yesterday January 11th was my first full day on campus! I was super busy with orientation so unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make this post. Anyways, my day involved going to Orientation which meant a tour around campus and a few info sessions to tell us a little about the college and London. After Orientation, a couple people and I went for a walk to the “secret shop” AKA Londis which is just down the street to get oyster cards (a must have in London). We then took the bus to Asda which is basically like a Walmart back in the USA. This was kinda a struggle because we had to carry all our bags on the bus and then across campus back to my flat (which doesn’t have an elevator!). Then at night, I went back to the Union to have dinner and a couple drinks to end the night before an early day this morning of registration and getting our student ID cards.  A4DA6387-00E9-470C-A76F-95BB14817682


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