Tate Britain, Pub Crawl, Oxford Street, and Carnaby Street

A little update on what I’ve been up to for the past week is on Wednesday I went on a field trip for my London Studies class to Tate Britain where we saw numerous of historic paintings. Then on Thursday, I went on a pub crawl through a social program where our tour guide took us to 3 hidden historic pubs in the financial district of London. One thing I learned while on this tour was that everything closes super early in the financial district so we were starving the entire tour. Finally, we ventured off and went to eat at Wagamama’s where I realized I’m not a big fan of Japanese food. On Friday we took a trip of our own and went to Oxford Street to do a little shopping. One thing I absolutely love about London is that if you make a turn down a random street and you can find hidden gems like Carnaby street which was lined with quaint shops and restaurants.



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