First Time at Camden Market

Today I went to Camden and explored the Camden Market, which I absolutely loved! There were so many different types of foods that it was ridiculously hard to choose what to eat. They had crepes, pizza, burritos, Chinese, Indian, Tai, falafel and so much more food. I ended up getting a crepe since I kinda wanted a breakfast food and been craving crepes for a while. Fran, Zoe, Lexie, and Sana (the other people I went to the market with) ended up getting burritos from this Mexican place which definitely tasted different than the burritos I’m used to getting in New York but were still super yummy. Besides the crepe, I also had a little container of freshly squeezed orange juice that we watched being made right in front of us. After eating we went and explored the market were we saw vendors selling amazing artwork and handmade jewelry. Overall, Camden was amazing and definitely a place I will have to go back to since I really want to try more of the foods and explore more of the market!


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