Brunch at The Breakfast Club

Today, Sana, Fran, Liv, and I headed into the city to get brunch at The Breakfast Club, which is known for its fabulous breakfasts! Honestly, we were a little underwhelmed after the huge hype up of how good the breakfasts were to find the waffles were kinda dry and hard. Despite the let down with the food, we still enjoyed the experience. On the way to eat I had to stop and snap some pics of these yummy looking donuts but opted not to get any since I knew I was about to eat my weight in sugar and carbs once we got to the restaurant. After eating we took a trip down the street to check out Whole Foods which was unfortunately not what we had hoped either. It sold VERY different foods than in America and I wasn’t really in the mood for trying random brands at this point. But at least now we know it’s not our favorite spot and to just stick to shopping at Asda. To finish off the day we headed to Oxford Street to do some light shopping.


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