Cereal Killer Caf​e

Today I took my third trip to the Camden Market! Clearly, it’s one of my favorite places to go to in London if that wasn’t already obvious. I had to go back again though because I’ve been dying to try the famous Cereal Killer Cafe which is located in the market. The cafe features a retro style with the walls decorated with 80s-90’s themed toys and novelty cereals. The seating area was also quite unique having the seats be beds instead of benches. The cafe sells a wide variety of global cereals including American and British brands. You basically choose the size bowl, the type of cereal, the type of milk, and then add toppings if you choose. The cafe also sells stacked hot chocolates which I couldn’t resist trying the peanut butter one while I was there. Then for the cereal and got cinnamon toast crunch and decided to try salted caramel milk which was surprisingly a really yummy combination! Glad I check this off my bucket list and would definitely recommend giving this place a try!




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