Travel With Me: First day in Valencia

We arrived in Valencia at about 11am local time. We then took a taxi to our Air BNB before taking a stroll into the city to try and grab a bite to eat for lunch. I ended up finding a Dunkin’ Donuts along the way which if you know me and my love for Dunkin this was a very big deal! Especially because London does not have one! Yup, so I finally got my iced coffee which I have been craving since the day I left America. But ordering it was half a struggle because I know zero Spanish. Basically trying to order it was very similar to my experience in Germany where iced coffee isn’t a thing. Anyways what I got definitely didn’t taste like the iced coffee from Dunkin at home but still very satisfying! After Dunkin, we finally got a bite to eat before heading back to our Air BnB! I am now currently writing this post while the rest of the gang is taking a nap. So far I’m loving the Spanish architecture and I’m eager to get out and explore. After everyone woke up from their nap we went out for dinner at 9:30pm which is apparently when the locals eat dinner. At the restaurant, we all shared agua de Valencia, seafood paella, and paella de Valenciana.



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