Travel with me: Seville Spain

I haven’t had access to a computer for the past couple days so get ready for a long update on my trip to Seville. If you don’t feel like reading this all, no offense taken, please enjoy the pictures instead! Today was my last day in Seville and my last day in Spain. We left our air BnB at around noon which was when check out was and roamed the beautiful streets of Seville one last time. Traveling to Seville was a great experience thanks to its stunning architecture, beautiful language, fabulous weather, and delicious food. The weather during February is around mid 60’s to low 70’s which is perfect for enjoying the sun while not being too hot. We decided to take full advantage of this and ride around on bikes touring some of Seville’s famous spots like la Giralda (the cathedral), Metropol Parasol, and my favorite, Plaza de España. These are three places I would definitely recommend going to if ever in this lovely city. One reason riding bikes around Seville was perfect was because most of the streets are so narrow that you can’t drive down them. Also, a lot of the time the distance by car was the same as walking so riding a bike saves time and gives you a fun way to get around the city. These endless narrow streets lined with restaurants and quaint shops was one of my favorite parts of Seville. We would bike down a random path and arrive on the plaza after plaza where you would find people buzzing around from shop to shop enjoying the atmosphere. This leads me to another one of my favorite things about Seville. This is that everyone here drinks coffee all day long and sits outside when eating just soaking up the sun in one of these plazas or along a side street. Which anyone who knows me knows how much I love my coffee and how I love being outside. So if your anything like me you will love this about Seville!! I also have a great appreciation for the language in Seville. Even though my Spanish is terrible I loved being in another country that didn’t speak English. Although I wouldn’t recommend going here without knowing Spanish a little or being with someone who knows Spanish because most of the locals don’t speak English very well. Two of my favorite places to eat in Seville was a gelato shop which was right by our air BNB called fresKura gelateria and Mercado Lonja del Barranco which was near the water. The gelato shop is just off of Alameda de Hercules which has great nightlife and all sorts of restaurants, great for grabbing tapas and a drink. Rather than your typical sit-down restaurant, Mercado Lonja del Barranco is an upscale market-style place to eat where you can go up to any counter and pick from numerous styles of food. There was a separate stand to get things such as pasta, sushi, ice cream, or snack platters. Behind the market was a beautiful patio sitting area and bar just along the water. Here we grabbed a nice cold drink after the bike ride to cool off and relax. Overall, I loved Spain and it’s definitely a place I hope to go back to again, hopefully, next time knowing Spanish a little better. Adios, for now, España, you were good to me.


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