Weekend in York

This past weekend I took a trip to York with the social program that I’m apart of while studying abroad here in London. The trip began at the early hour of 7:30am Saturday morning when we hopped on a bus and headed out for our 4-hour journey. We arrived in York at around noon and began exploring immediately. Because it was an organized program we had a tour guide who began the tour showing us around the streets before quickly sending us loose to go on our own and grab lunch. The streets in York are very quaint where you walk through this little archway and arrive on an area lined with restaurants and shops that you can only access by foot. After window shopping and grabbing some fish and chips for lunch we met back up with our tour guide. He continued giving us a walking tour, taking us on top of the original wall that used to keep invaders out of York. After climbing the wall we went inside the cathedral (York Minster) where we saw the most beautiful architecture and stained glass. At the church, we were lucky enough to hear the bells chime which echoed beautifully within the church’s confined walls. Later that night we went out to dinner for my friend Ashton’s 21st birthday and did a mini pub crawl before calling it a night at 3:30am. The next day we woke up super early again to begin the day at Clifford’s Tower. Here we got to climb all the way to the stop seeing some amazing views of the city. After the tour, we did some more exploring before we got on the bus and headed to Hardwick’s Castle. We spent a few hours here before we were finally on our way back to London. I definitely enjoyed the small quaint town but after the long and cold weekend, I was super tired and ready to head home and get some rest.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in York

  1. Nancy Bromberg says:

    We are enjoying all your blogs and travelling along with you
    on your many adventures in Europe. Thanks for keeping us
    posted. We love you!! Keep enjoying!!!
    Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mort


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