St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

The past couple weeks I tried to save a little bit of money and didn’t do much but go to class so I didn’t really have anything too interesting to post about. However, it has been over a week so I figured I should probably post something. Last weekend some friends and I went out on St. Patricks day to try and celebrate like we do back in New York. I had really wanted to go to Ireland to celebrate but flights and housing turned out to be ridiculously expensive so I ended up just staying in London. After heading to Trafalgar Square where there was suppose to be music, a parade, and Irish food I quickly realized St. Patricks day is definitely more of an Americanized holiday with the parades and all the big events since when we got there it was completely dead. I actually learned the British and the Irish aren’t huge fans of one another (which apparently I should have already realized, but I didn’t). We ended up walking through China Town to a street just a little ways from Trafalgar Square to try to go to a few Irish Pubs. Unfortunately, most were so packed they weren’t letting any more people in and the one we found took an hour to get in. After we finally got in through we had a good time listening to Irish music and of course, had to have a Guinness. Unfortunately, it was too dark to get any good pics. After the pub, we wanted to explore the area a bit more so we walked around for a couple hours and all shared an Easter-themed donut from Doughnut Time. I guess we are already ready for the next holiday. On Sunday, I went back to my favorite place, Camden market, because why not go for the 5th time. We didn’t stay long but for lunch, I finally tried the award-winning Poppies fish and chips which is apparently the one must try fish and chips while in London.



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