Varsity: Roehampton vs. Bucks

Yesterday I went to Varsity, which is a day-long event where two colleges compete against one another at multiple sporting events including field hockey, football (American soccer), and rugby.  Our school was competing against Bucks New Uni and the event was being held on their campus so we had to take a coach to get there. We left at around 8am and arrived just after 9am giving us an hour to kill before any of the events actually started so we grabbed breakfast at Wetherspoons “Spoons.” Which is apparently the go-to place to eat for college students in the UK. During the day there were shuttles to take us from event to event, the first being Women’s Field Hockey. Two of my American friends are on the team so I got to watch them play (they’re the two in the black shirts in the first sports pic). After field hockey, we took another shuttle to a park were Men’s Football was being held. We sat on the grass and watched for a few hours before the big event of the night, Men’s Rugby, which was held in an actual stadium with bleachers. We were behind by a few points the entire game, but we ended up winning at the last minute! Giving us enough points to win all of Varsity! I’m definitely glad that I got the chance to go to a school event while in London and experience what its like to be a full-time student at a university in a different country and to anyone who is ever studying abroad I 100% recommend getting involved as much as you can even though you’re only there for a short period of time.



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