Richmond Park in the Spring

I’m loving that Spring has finally arrived in London and we’re beginning to have some warm sunny days. Which means I can finally go outside for walks! Today I took a walk around Richmond park which is this huge park just down the road from my school, full of wide open fields, bike paths, and tons of deer. And as a girl living in upstate New York, I see plenty of deer so I mean TONS. Since today was extra warm and sunny there were a lot of people out walking their dogs or biking the trails. I even saw one girl riding her horse through the fields which really makes me miss horseback riding. I can’t believe it will be 6 months of me going without riding. The trail also happened to have a small cafe along it where tons of children were eating ice cream. Which I absolutely loved seeing because it reminded me of when I would go biking with my family and how we would stop for ice cream as a reward after the long bike ride. Also, today marks one week until Italy!


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