First day in Venice

Going to Venice/ going to Italy, in general, has always been a dream of mine. With its whimsical gondolas and picturesque canals, how could you not want to explore this magical place? My list goes on and on for reasons why I wanted to visit Venice. We arrived in Venice at around 11am eager to explore the city of bridges and go island hopping. We started the day by wandering the streets to find a place to grab breakfast. Eventually, we found this cute little shop where I got some fresh juice. I was trying to be healthy, preparing myself for all the carbs and gelato I was about to eat. At the restaurant, we had the same problem as we did in Spain with the language barrier but thank goodness for google translate! Also, most of the places on the islands only take cash so make sure you have euros in hand before visiting because ATMs are hard to find. They’re mainly in the more touristy area by the Rialto Bridge, which is where we went next! Walking out along the grand canal was absolutely breathtaking, I was so excited I think my mouth actually dropped as soon as we walked through that archway. There’s absolutely nothing compared to seeing gondolas wade through the water against a backdrop of stunning architecture. After, the Rialto Bridge we quickly headed to Piazzale Roma to meet our guide for our boat tour of Murano, Burano, Torcello. After the tour and fun island hopping, we decided to grab some dinner and dessert which of course was pasta and gelato. To finish off this perfect day we headed to St. Marks Basilica and watched the sunset on the grand canal.



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