Gondola Ride & Lost In Venice?

Our second day in Venice we pretty much just wandered around all day. Venice isn’t too large and it only takes about a 20min walk to get from one side of the island to the other, so you can’t really get lost. One thing Venice is famous for is its Murano glass and carnival masks, which is no secret because almost every shop you pass is selling one or the other. While wandering we happened upon a small canal and decided to take a gondola ride. The Gondolier took us on a 30min ride through the small canals of Venice and then to the Grand Canal. It actually ended up being reasonably priced when splitting it between the 5 of us and to me was definitely worth the experience and a must do while in Venice! While wondering the streets we kept on passing all these cute bakeries and I finally decided to go in one and grab a couple of treats to sample. I was hesitant at first with all the pasta and gelato I’ve been eating which is why it took me until the second day before I convinced myself to do it but it was totally worth it! After the gondola ride our wondering eventually lead us to St. Marks Basilica which was free to go inside but once you get inside you had to pay to see the little exhibits. Even though Venice isn’t very large all the walking can still get pretty tiring after a while so we ended up sitting down and having a couple of drinks to relax before dinner. The restaurant we choose for dinner was in one of the plazas where we sat and ate outside. Even though eating along the water is beautiful, sitting in one of the plazas was just as nice and a much cheaper option. I ordered spaghetti since I had penne yesterday which definitely lived up to the expectation of Italian pasta. Although despite how good it was I still couldn’t finish it which our waiter joked about. Somehow, despite how stuffed I was I still managed to make room for a small scoop of gelato from II Doge before calling it a night. Overall my time in Venice was a success and I absolutely fell in love with this quaint little town, making it super hard to say goodbye. But I was excited for my next adventure, Rome.


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