Visiting Athens Greece

The ancient ruins and rich history are two reasons Athens, Greece should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. I originally wanted to go to Greece for the gorgeous Greek islands but I’m glad we stopped and toured Athens first. We only spent one full day here, but we still managed to do everything on our bucket list. At the top of our list was to visit the Acropolis. However, we made a few stops before getting there. First on our to-do list was to head to the Monastiraki Market which I loved because it had tons of shops perfect for souvenir shopping and some really nice restaurants to eat at if you happen to work up an appetite from all the shopping. Since we had just had breakfast we decided to wait until later. Our next stop/goal before the Acropolis was to try and find the hidden village of Anafiotika, which unfortunately we were unsuccessful at. So I guess its pretty well hidden. Instead, we stumbled upon this really cute little stairway that had restaurants all along the sides. Which if we had more time it would definitely be a place I would have liked to stop for a drink or bite to eat. The stairway ended up leading us right in front of the entrance to the Acropolis where there was this small rock cliff we climbed allowing us to have a fantastic view of entire city and the Parthenon. Inside the Acropolis, we saw the Parthenon up close, the Theater of Dionysus, and a view of the Arch of Hadrian and Temple of Zeus from a distance. After the Acropolis (which we needed up getting into for free by the way because we were students studying in Europe) we walked to the Plaka village for a late lunch where we ate at Kosmikon. Which was a fantastic restaurant that had authentic Greek dishes. After eating lunch we called it a day and headed back to the apartment to relax for a while before dinner. Which we kept simple and just got gyros from a place down the street. I’m usually not a big fan of gyros but the only ones I’ve ever had are the ones you get at carnivals so I decided to give them another try. Conclusion; they were 100% better! I loved the ancient ruins and all that Athens had to offer but I’m ready for the beach and island hopping. Next stop: Mykonos.


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