Affordable​ Afternoon Tea in London

In my opinion, having a traditional afternoon tea is a must do for first timers in London! However, finding the right one that won’t break your bank can be a challenge. As some high-end afternoon teas can be £60 or more for just one person. But as a college student on a budget, I wasn’t about to spend £60 for just one meal. So I did some research to find the best afternoon tea for the best price and that’s when I found Candella Tea Room. Located in Kensington just a 5min walk from Kensington Gardens Candella has the perfect traditional afternoon tea atmosphere with the old English style furniture and wallpaper. The menu also featured a good amount of options for sandwiches and loose leaf teas to choose from. At first, we couldn’t decide which tea to try but ended up choosing the Vanilla Grenadine Black tea which I 100% recommend giving a try! I typically love vanilla black tea and found adding the grenadine to be a nice touch. Therefore, if your ever in London and looking to have that traditional afternoon tea experience without spending a fortune on it I definitely recommend giving this place a try!


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