Paris is always a good idea

Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea”, and I gotta say she was right. This magical city of lights is one of those cities that is on most people’s bucket list (including mine). The romantic atmosphere, history, and the food are all reasons why people flock to Paris. Since this was my first time in Paris doing all the typical touristy things were a must. My Paris bucket list included visiting The Louvre, The Palace of Versaille, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Love Lock Bridge. However, once I got to Paris I was super sad to learn that they decided to take the locks off the bridge so it is now love lockless. Besides sightseeing, if your looking to indulge yourself in the Parisian culture a great way to do so is by trying the food. One thing Paris is well known for is their macaroons. I recommend giving trying them from Ladurée. Their macaroons are a favorite among Parisians and after trying them I can definitely see why! One of my favorite things I did while in Paris was picnicking in front of the Eiffel Tower. We grabbed some cheese and a baguette from a market down the street and set up on the main lawn. Then when I thought Paris couldn’t get any more picturesque we saw the Eiffel Tower at night and Paris really is beautiful after midnight because at 1:00am we saw the lights sparkle in a glistening white light. I also highly recommend taking the time to just wander the streets. Paris is a fantastic city with cute shops around every corner and by wandering you never know what you’ll come across next!

Top Tips:

1)Buy tickets to go up the Eiffel Tower beforehand to save yourself some time (because who wants to spend the entire trip waiting on a line?). I recommend this because the line outside is very deceiving since there’s another line even longer after going through security.

2) Purchase tickets for the restaurant to avoid all the lines. The tickets still allow you to go up to the second floor of the tower which I personally enjoyed more than the view from the summit and I didn’t find spending the extra money to go to the summit to be worth it.

3) Eat a late lunch and go light for dinner because even a low-class dinner is very expensive in Paris in the evening.

4) The Eiffel Tower sparkles only on the hour for 5 minutes after dark until 1am. It normally sparkles in the golden yellow but the last one at 1am is special and is white lights.

5) Eat loads of baguettes and Crossaints (they’re better in Paris)!

Best views: The 3 best views are from the Eiffel Tower, Arch De Triumph, and Notre Dame Cathedral.


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