Miami: Spring Break Edition

Miami offers all the spring break essentials; warm weather, cheap flights, good food, and great nightlife. My friends and I wanted to be right in the center of all the action so we booked a hotel in South Beach, which was really helpful because we didn’t have to Uber as often. One of the places we ate was called the BIG PINK, which was a diner-style restaurant that was perfect because it had SO MANY options! Perfect if your traveling with a big group of friends and want a cheap but trendy meal! Of course, we also had to get a taste of the more casual nightlife so we hit up Wet Willies for some late-night boozy slushies! WARNING! Be prepared to spend an hour deciding which flavor to get because they have so many delicious combos and well over 10 flavors to choose from! Rather than just staying in South Beach and going to the beaches all day we wanted to explore a bit so we decide to take a trip to Wynwood, which is an up and coming trendy neighborhood just over the bridge. In Wynwood, we stopped at some of the cutest places including Ooh Raw! Poke+Juice Bar where we grabbed these AMAZING pineapple acai bowls! Like can we please stop and take a minute to look at how beautiful they are! After breakfast, being the coffee addict I am, I stopped at Panther Coffee to get some of their freshly roasted iced coffee to give me some energy before going to the Wynwood Walls! Which is basically an outdoor art gallery! Perfect to get those insta worthy pics! Overall, if your looking for a fun spring break spot def check out Miami and some of these non-clubbing options!



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