Girls Weekend in Boston

Looking for a fun weekend trip on the east coast? Look no further than Boston Massachusetts. This historic city offers good food, local bars, and of course tons of history.

My recommendations:

Food: Tatte Bakery and anything Italian! Boston has tons of cute cafes but Tatte seems to be a local favorite and a must-try in my opinion! The cute bakery offers tons of delicious makers items and is located all throughout the city. Also, the north end basically has an entire Italian food district where you can get authentic Italian cuisine for a delicious dinner!

Picture spot: The more ritzy part of Boston, Beacon Hill is home to the famous Acorn street which is perfect for taking pictures on cute cobblestone paths and against quaint brick rows of houses!


  • Fenway Park (we didn’t do because it was SUPER COLD)
  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace for food, shopping, bars, and more!
  • Boston Common

Tip: This may seem obvious to most but if you’re going in the winter don’t forget to pack a coat and scarf because Boston can be extremely cold especially along the water!