Neal’s Yard & Shopping in Covent Garden

Ever since I arrived in London I have been dying to check out Neal’s Yard, which is this small nook of colorful buildings amongst the busy shopping streets in Covent Garden. However, I wanted to wait until it was warm and sunny to go, which happened to be this past Saturday. After getting back from Italy Friday night London greeted us with some super warm and sunny weather. I actually think it was hotter than it was in Italy. Anyways, I wanted to go shopping and grab a few shirts for the warmer weather to wear in Greece and I guess now London too since Saturday was 77°F so I headed to Covent Garden. Whoever told me London doesn’t even get above 70°F until June lied because it’s still April and almost 80°F … Today was actually my first time shopping in Covent Garden because I usually just go to Oxford Street or order online because honestly, I’m not a fan of how busy Oxford Street gets, but I really loved shopping in Covent Garden! Not being on the main street with cars made it a lot more enjoyable and way less overwhelming. It felt more like an outdoor mall whereas oxford street kinda feels like shopping in New York City where you feel like your walking forever to get from one store to the next (unless your lucky and all the stores you want to go to are right next to each other, but that usually not the case in my experience).After shopping for a little bit in Covent Garden I headed to Neal’s Yard to see the colorful nook and omg it was so cute! It was also very packed because I think everyone all had the same idea to go out shopping since London’s shopping is outdoors and it was a such a nice day (which is rare in London) that you couldn’t stay inside. The nook has 2 cute vegan restaurants along with a pizza shop that looks absolutely amazing but after so much pizza in Italy, I needed to cut back on the carbs so I had to save that for another time. But if your looking for a place to sit and relax and take a break from all the shopping this is the perfect place to go!  Therefore, if your ever in London and want a more quaint outdoor shopping scene head to Covent Garden and most certainly don’t forget to stop and check out Neils Garden while you’re at it!



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