Portobello Road Market

One of my absolute favorite things about London is the street markets! I’ve been to most of the main ones, Greenwich Market, Camden Market, and Borough Market, but before today I still had yet to check Portobello Road Market off my list. Today wasn’t my first time going to Notting Hill but when we first went it was a Wednesday and we didn’t realize that that the market is only on Saturdays. So after about a month later we finally found a Saturday that it wasn’t raining and took a trip back. The market really is no joke the entire street, it felt like it went on forever! I think we spent almost three hours just walking up and down the streets checking out all the cool vintage clothing, antiques, listening to street music, and of course the food! Also, I was pretending I was someplace tropical with my coconut. I absolutely loved Portobello but I think Camden still got it topped.


3 thoughts on “Portobello Road Market

  1. arielacrossthepond says:

    The pizza most definitely does not compare to that in New York but you can still get a decent slice. Althought the late night delivery pizza is way better. You can get a pretty fancy looking pizza delivered at midnight compared to Dominos in NY. Also, yes there are Subways (I assume you mean the restaurant). I definitely won’t be eating there though with so much better food options around.


  2. MOM says:

    I love the Portabello road name, especially since it reminds me of Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, one of my favorite childhood books/movies. I am so glad you are enjoying the markets, and you make the food look yummy. Who ever took your picture did a good job. I am very grateful to them for showing me you 😉


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