Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Races

One thing I was really excited for while being here in London is that I was going to be here for the Oxford vs. Cambridge boat races, which are a really big thing here in the UK. Luckily, the races were being held only a 20min bus ride from my Uni making it super quick and easy to go see. The races started at 4:15pm so we headed to Hammersmith Bridge, which was the middle part of the race at around 3:30pm. We stood on the bridge and watched the women’s race pass through at around 4:30pm with Cambridge in the lead. While waiting for the men’s race went across the bridge to Furnivall Gardens, where they were hosting a live viewing of the entire race and had vendors selling food and drinks. Then headed back to the river at around 5:45pm when the men came through. We hung around for a little in Furnivall Gardens to watch the finishing of the race on the big screen and to see Cambridge take home the medal. I have to say the entire day was a really cool experience and I’m glad I got the chance to go and experience a real British event rather than just doing the typical touristy things. Even though I have yet to ride the London Eye.


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