Brunch in Putney: Tried & True

Felt a little like I was home in NY today with my bacon and egg sandwich from Tried & True in Putney. Even though it wasn’t on a New York bagel it was still close enough to satisfy my craving. Especially when pairing it with an iced coffee <3, which I haven’t had yet in London. Unfortunately, school has taken over my life and I haven’t had the chance to go to brunch for a while now. And since brunch is one of my favorite things ever! Lexi and I decided to go check out this place down the street to treat myself after finishing my paper. We wanted to get some exercise in and since it was such a beautiful day this morning we decided to walk there. It ended up being about a 25min walk, which was perfect because we both devoured our breakfasts. 10/10 recommend this place and would definitely go back. It’s a little chillier now than it was this morning (London’s weird like that, everyday its super warm one minute then freezing the next) but it was still a really nice way to spend the day before having to attend class this afternoon. Because even though I’m living life here in London, I’m still a student and have to go to class.



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