Why Mykonos should be your next getaway

Mykonos was the first out of the three islands we visited while in Greece and it absolutely exceeded my expectations. We choose to stay on the west side of the island in Mykonos town, right by the famous windmills and Little Venice. Which I’m really glad we did because there is the most to do in this part of the island and it’s all within walking distance. The town features a maze of narrow pathways lined with restaurants, shops, and bars perfect for wandering. The one thing this area does lack is a large beach. So to soak up the sun we headed to Paradise beach in the southern part of the island which was a quick 10min drive. The beach was really nice and has cabanas that are free to lay in along with a boardwalk where you can grab a drink or bite to eat. I personally loved this beach because it was super relaxing but when 4 o’clock came around all the bars began to play music loud and the party scene took over. Overall I fell in love with this little island and it’s white cobblestone streets, quaint shops, and restaurant/bars on the water. Mykonos has the textbook island aesthetic with both a relaxing and party atmosphere and I definitely wish we had more time here.




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